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1.5 Gallon Pak

1 Cubic Foot Box

*Products for small to medium size growers

NEW! Gen-Soil Pro Mix Planter Pak

Genesis Soils announces the addition of Gen Soil Pro Mix in a smaller format volume specifically for today’s home growers.

We offer this propagation mix with a 40 cell planting tray. This will allow the consumer to select their favorite seeds or cuttings and plant them in Genesis Soils Pro Mix. Once the seeds germinate in our soil and come in contact with Genesis Soils Rhizo-Gen Mycorrhizal components in the soil mix, the plants are now inoculated with the same protection that has been given to plant life for 460 million years.

Our proprietary blend of soil components is where Genesis Soils differentiates itself from any competition. We know from 40 years of experience what enables true mycorrhizal colonization of the highest level. Your plants when ready to transplant from the starter trays can be planted in healthy soils and will have the protection from first root elongation for the life cycle of the plant you are growing. <MORE INFO>

Available in:
1.5 Gallon Paks with Planter Tray
1 Cubic Foot Box without Planter Tray
1 Cubic Yard Pallet


for Home and Garden

Auxillary Biotic Soil and Plant Substance Non Plant Ingredient
Gauranteed Analysis
Kelp and Soluble Organic Fertilzer 11-0-5
Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients
G. fasiculatum - G. clarum - G. mosseae
G. aggregatum - G. etunicatum
G. intraradices

The goal is to create physical contact
between the roots and the inoculant


NEW!Vfrom Genesis

Vermicompost contains not only worm castings, but also bedding materials and organic wastes at various stages of decomposition. It also contains worms at various stages of development and other microorganisms associated with the composting processing.

Earthworm castings in the home garden often contain 5 to 11 times more nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium as the surrounding soil. Secretions in the intestinal tracts of earthworms, along with soil passing through the earthworms, make nutrients more concentrated and available for plant uptake, including micronutrients.

Genesis Soils “V” is the highest quality vermicompost available!




*Products for Large Agricultural Operations

NEW! Access™

Proper seed coating is by far the most efficient and economical method to inoculate cover crop seeds with beneficial fungi.

This mycorrhizal product is an extremely efficacious selection of species in extremely high quantities. The results speak for themselves. Simply put, cover crops grow larger providing more vegetative and root mass releasing far more nutrients that your grapevines can access using this product. The same mycorrhizae that needs to support grape vine health in your vineyard is the same as your cover crop when inoculated. The symbiotic relationship will provide your vineyard access to nutrients that you will have with an extremely healthy cover crop in you vineyards. Also available in granular formulation for ground or airial applications


Custom Mix Technology

for large wholesale users
Avaialble in 2000 lb tote bags.
Please email us for pricing!

Scientifically formulated for the exploding and highly specific grape industry, the GenStartTM provides essential components to emerging vineyard stock, to be used at time of planting. These components provide:

– Increased transplant success (virtually eliminating transplant loss due to shock)
– Accelerated grape vine growth
– Increased fruit production
– Reduced chemical and fertilizer needs
– A significant increase in plant health and resistance to disease
– A significant increase in drought tolerance
– Increased root mass for greater nutrient uptake and increased plant and turf survival rates

Rhizo-Gen Nursery Pro Mix
Scientifically designed specifically for grape nurserymen. Our soil blend incorporates species of mycorrhizae indigenous to grapes. In combination with our proprietary components to ensure the highest level of infectivity available today. Nurserymen may request components from a broad array of options from Genesis to meet their specific needs.

NEW! Rhizo-Gen Soluble Formulation

This is our newest product that incorporates the latest in technology to provide many of the same proprietary components found in our nursery mix. This Rhizo-Gen Liquid can be applied to existing young vineyards through their drip system. It may also be used in spray rigs for inoculation of nursery stock that does not have the benefit of Rhizo-Gen nursery mix
from the onset.

Fall Newsletter on This Product (PDF)




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