(The goal is to create physical contact
between the roots and the inoculant)

Plant Health Provides Human Health, Enjoy!

Important Information you Should Read:

Evaluating Plant Moisture Stress
in Cabernet Sauvignon

Organically Grown Vegetables

The Importance of Soil Temperature

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NEW! Gen-Soil Pro Mix Planter Pak
Genesis Soils announces the addition of Gen Soil Pro Mix in smaller volumes specifically for today’s home gardener.

We offer this propagation mix with a 40 cell planting tray. This will allow the consumer to select their favorite seeds or cuttings and plant them in Genesis Soils Pro Mix. Once the seeds germinate in our soil and come in contact with Genesis Soils Rhizo-Gen Mycorrhizal components in the soil mix, the plants are now inoculated with the same protection that has been given to plant life for 460 million years.

1.5 Gallon Paks with Planter Tray
$27.99 plus $7.00 shipping in CA
Please Email for shipping rates outside CA

1 Cubic Foot Box without Planter Tray
$46.99 incl. shipping in CA
Please Email for shipping rates outside CA
1 Cubic Yard Pallet
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Auxillary Biotic Soil and Plant Substance Non Plant Ingredient

"Available for the first time to home consumers!"

Gauranteed Analysis
Kelp and Soluble Organic Fertilzer 11-0-5

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients
G. fasiculatum - G. clarum - G. mosseae
G. aggregatum - G. etunicatum
G. intraradices

1 Pound Bag $169.00 Plus Tax

5 Pound Bag $595.00 Plus Tax

Including Shipping within CA
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Genesis Soils Rhizo-Gen Soluble
application information.

Each pound will treat 400 plants. Mix the soluble powder in a simple garden
sprayer that attaches to a garden hose and apply to the soil. Can also be applied through
existing drip irrigation systems. Water it in well and keep your plants watered properly
and colonization will begin. We suggest using organic based fertilizers as you should
be practicing anyway!


NEW! "V" from Genesis

Vermicompost contains not only worm castings, but also bedding materials and organic wastes at various stages of decomposition. It also contains worms at various stages of development and other microorganisms associated with the composting processing.

Earthworm castings in the home garden often contain 5 to 11 times more nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium as the surrounding soil. Secretions in the intestinal tracts of earthworms, along with soil passing through the earthworms, make nutrients more concentrated and available for plant uptake, including micronutrients.

Genesis Soils “V” is the highest quality
vermicompost available!

1.5 gallon $16.99 plus $5.00 shipping within CA

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1.0 cubic foot $47.99
incl. shipping within CA

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