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The pictures on the left top row and bottom row
are plants inoculated with a rudimentary mycorrhizal inoculum without the benefit of Genesis Soils
proprietary components.
The pictures on the right are duplicate grapevines
having the benefit of Genesis Rhizo-Gen.
As you can see
the pictures show double the top growth
and general health as do the rudimentary approach.
 This is how Genesis differentiates itself!


Genesis is a combination of scientists, nursery professionals, and technologists, all working toward the common goal of creating products that will not only benefit those companies that utilize them, but also contribute significantly to benefiting the environment.

Bruce Coulthard has been in the nursery business since 1965. A native of the Napa Valley, Bruce is uniquely qualified to understand the goals and obstacles of industry professionals. In 1980 Bruce first implemented the use of mycorrhizae and beneficial bacteria in his Forest Tree Nursery. His nursery grew from 200,000- 4,500,000 seedlings annually largely due to the implementation of his holistic approach to farming.

After 27 years, he has acquired the knowledge through implementation of the highest quality products to various agricultural crops to offer the technology to the people that most need it. Today, Genesis offers this technology to his customers. Genesis has unlocked the technology for the highest level of infectivity of mycorrhizal products. This is largely due to the proprietary knowledge of the many components that make each one work together in a synergistic system for the benefit of the target plants health. Letter from the Founder/Owner (PDF)

Genesis Soils Mission Statement

Our desire is to share our knowledge and experience to enhance the health of your soils and thereby your plants. Our "living soils" concept is age old. Traditional chemical farming practices have systematically reduced the natural soil biology due to excessive synthetic practices. In our society we are seeing an awareness of our customers feeling that something is just not right with traditional farming practices. They see declining soils as the cause of disease, crop failure, reduced quality and returns.

At Genesis we have been developing new technologies that have proven successful in many agricultural crops. We continually develop new products to enhance the natural soil concept proven so important. Our latest product Genesis Soils Bio-Gen liquid is a testament to our commitment to provide the very best and the latest in available technologies to develop this for our customers. This is in a liquid form and as close to duplicating natural soils that we have seen anywhere. All bacterial and fungal groups including the mandatory food groups for successful results every time.

We will continue to service our customers in the best way possible, continue to develop answers for the agricultural communities with new technologies in products. Genesis Soils Products can be used in all agriculture from orchards, vineyards, row crops, turf and lawn, horticultural nurseries, just to name a few.

With our additional soil stabilization division incorporating our biological components we can assure successful results where others can not. Our dust control product is an organically based dust suppressant, unlike magnesium chloride, salt or other harmful products used by others.

We believe in setting the pace for natural, sustainable and responsible stewardship of our lands.

Bruce Coulthard.

Young Genesis team members Stevie and Mackenzie Coulthard in the field at Spring Mountain Vineyard.

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