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Genesis Soils extends its proprietary Rhizo-Gen technology to the Olive Tree Industry

We are presently working with nurserymen growing olive trees for the production of olive oil in orchards throughout the western United States. Our Genesis Rhizo-Gen mycorrhizal components will dramatically increase the health of your orchards. It is widely known that Genesis Soils mycorrhizae will increase root structures that will enable olive trees to become much more efficient especially under challenging conditions. Draught resistance, nutrient efficiencies and disease suppression are just a few of the proven benefits of this technology. We are able to increase soil biology especially in difficult sites using our proven products. We ensure plant health for the long term.

Nurseryman and Genesis Soils principal Bruce Coulthard started inoculating olive trees from cuttings that were grown as a plug – 1 transplant in his nursery in the mid 1980s. The transplant would reach a size of 36-48" in one growing season in the open field seedbeds in his nursery in one growing season. His customers would plant the olives into their orchards or directly into 15 gallon containers due to the size of the inoculated plants, the control group was half the size in all aspects especially root systems.

Today, he is expanding this product into existing orchards through their drip irrigation systems to colonize existing root systems with this technology. We understand the issues concerning growers on harsh sites and the need for greater plant health. We also understand the importance of increasing your bottom line.

We understand the value of our customer's success.


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