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For centuries natural means of nutrition from cover crops have allowed
plants the benefit to grow to their fullest potential.1

We at Genesis understand soil biology and the important roll it plays both in plant and human health as well as financial stability for sustainable farmers to continue for centuries to come.

ACCESS™ is a seed coating for seeds of all selections. You simply coat the seeds to be sown with our proprietary Rhizo-Gen Mycorrhizal components and your seeds will access the nutrients that you already have in your soils.

Proper seed coating is by far the most efficient and economical
method to inoculate cover crop seeds with beneficial fungi.

This mycorrhizal product is an extremely efficacious selection of species in extremely high quantities. The results speak for themselves. Simply put, cover crops grow larger providing more vegetative and root mass releasing far more nutrients that your grapevines can access using this product. The same mycorrhizae that needs to support grape vine health in your vineyard is the same as your cover crop when inoculated. The symbiotic relationship will provide your vineyard access to nutrients that you will have with an extremely healthy cover crop in you vineyards.


The biggest single fallacy that we hear in the grape industry is “we have plenty of natural mycorrhizae in our soil, wedon’t need any more”. If so, it is extremely rare. All the clinical evidence refutes this belief. See Cabernet Trial Data in our website. Test your vineyard for yourself, send root samples to a specialist reputable in assessing beneficial organisms, start there. Then call us to help build your soil biology to the highest levels for sustainable results, year after year!

Grape growers can reduce their costs substantially by reducing the applications of fertilizers.

This leads to sustainable farming where we are building soil biology not destroying it! <<<BACK



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